Di Martino’s


A story that deserves to be told. Like any love story.

Love does not like labels or restrictions. It does not want borders and does not know limits. This is why the great love for the land of the Di Martino family has soon extended, approaching new areas, towards new and ambitious goals. Not only oil, but also wine and many other precious products of the earth.


The choice to diversify its food production comes from the passion of the Di Martino family for the land and its finest fruits. The cereal-oriented company develops in Chieuti in the province of Foggia. Here cereals are grown, but also vegetables, legumes and tomatoes for industry. In this wonderful area near the sea the fields are surrounded by Mediterranean scrub and it is not rare to meet protected and valuable botanical species.

The Olives

The olive farm, in Trani, covers 176 hectares and has an ancient tradition. Most of these olive trees were planted by the ancestors of the current administrators. In the last 10 years, 15 hectares of olive groves of Peranzana, Nocellare, Bella di Spagna and Phicoline have been added to the 100-year-old Coratina cultivar, in an impeccable vegetative state.


The link with nature and the earth is in the Di Martino’s DNA. Not surprisingly, in Campania, in Gricignano d’Aversa, in the province of Caserta, the family recently created a wonderful and fascinating Asprinio d’Averso espalier vine at Masseria Campito.
A fine variety that in ancient times arrived in the area from France to ensure a rich reserve of sparkling wines at the Norman court.



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