le aziende agricole

Di Martino

Love for Apulia

The Di Martino De Luca di Roseto Tupputi Schinosa Farms of the Di Martino Sisters have the agriculture and the attachment to the earth indelibly imprinted in their genetic heritage.

The company owns and manages 2 different agricultural realities in Apulia.


The activity managed by the Di Martino Farms with a major focus on cereals, of about 300 hectares is developed in Chieuti, in the county of Foggia, where in addition to cereals, they are cultivating with cutting-edge agricultural techniques, products including legumes, vegetables and industrial tomatoes. The land, located near the sea, is surrounded by a vast wooded area and Mediterranean scrub, also owned by the farm, of about 100 hectares in which protected and highly valuable botanical species grow.

The olive trees

The Olive Farm, which extends for 176 hectares in the municipality of Trani. Most of the olive groves, enrolled in the register of the Terra di Bari PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) – Castel del Monte subsection, were planted by the ancestors of the current administrators using a 10 x 10 planting plant. At these centennial plants of Coratina cultivar, kept in perfect vegetative state, in the last 10 years, 15 hectares of intensive olive groves of Peranzana, Nocellara, Bella di Spagna and Phicholine cultivars have been added.

The Vines

The vines. In Campania, in Gricignano d’Aversa (CE), at Masseria Campito, the family recently planted a modern espalier vine of Asprinio d’Aversa, a very ancient vine arrived in the countryside from France so that a rich reserve of sparkling wines would be secured to the Norman court.



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