Together with my sisters Simona and Ludovica we inherited from our ancestors this land made of olive trees that date back to 1647 but that’s not all.

We have inherited passion, courage and obstinacy as loving the earth also means clashing with it, embracing the struggles of agriculture and maximising its fruits. Schinosa is love for the land, love for Apulia.

Maria Francesca Di Martino

Di Martino Olive Farms

The sisters Maria Francesca and Ludovica Di Martino inherited from their ancestors Masseria Schinosa, ancient estate established in 1647, now a reference point for the agricultural production of the region, characterised by olive trees as far as the eye can see, that are caressed by the wind of the sea.

We are in Apulia, in Trani, city known for the popular Romanesque cathedral of the Thirteenth Century overlooking the sea, and it is in this mild climate context that beyond 28.000 olive trees, nearly all century-old, are treated with meticulous attention and with the most advanced cultivation techniques in order to obtain flawless fruits.

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The extra virgin olive oil produced by the farms is a 100% Italian oil. Cold pressed from native olives, this extra virgin olive oil contains a history steeped in the aromas of the olive trees of Apulia.


Passion, commitment and meticulous attention to all phases of the production process. It is thanks to these ingredients that a qualitatively excellent product is born, a recognition confirmed by the awards and mentions that the company receives.

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Educational Farms

Educational farms Within our company at Masseria Santa Perpetua in Trani it is possible to carry out didactic-informative activities through the paths and laboratories organised in order to discover the production of our products and the processes related to the territory.

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The Farmhouses
A unique experience

The Di Martino Farms have decided to open the doors of some farmhouses to share with you the beauty and peace of these places. Come and visit us.

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