Laboratory and activities

Children will have a small vegetable garden with various types of vegetables depending on the season. This path includes experiences of working the soil on a child-friendly basis: sowing, transplanting, care of the vegetable garden and collection of the products according to the season. Children become protagonists of the activities that are normally carried out in the garden and will be able to know the origin of the products usually present on their tables.

Objectives: Touching (working a little but having so much fun) the work in the garden. Children will have at their disposal a vegetable garden created just for them that, according to the needs of the countryside, they will have to take care of transplanting the plants and / or removing the weeds and / or fertilizing them and / or collecting their products, etc. Children will be offered a practical opportunity to learn about the cultivation processes of vegetables and fruit based on respect for nature and its rhythms.

Laboratories: After the activity in the open field there will be a laboratory moment which will consist in explaining the life cycle of the vegetables and their needs. In addition, each child will be given a jar, some earth, some seeds and of organic fertilizer to make your own plant.

Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes + snack

Recipients: all

Best time of the year: this route can be taken at any time of the year