Route 2

This path includes experiences of harvesting the olives directly from the plant according to traditional harvesting methods (beating and collecting with combs) as well as participation in mechanized harvesting methods (in this case the children will actively participate in moving the sheets for collection). The children will bring the olives to the mill and will see how the olive oil is extracted by comparing modern and traditional methods.

Objectives: touching (work a little but having so much fun) with the olive grove. The olive trees will be presented, the varieties present in the farm, the Apulian and Italian varieties will be explained and the breeding techniques will be explained.

Laboratories: after the activity in the field follows the laboratory dedicated to illustrating the nutritional characteristics and tastes of the olive oil. Following the laboratory that taste that as the protagonist the bruschetta. Users will learn to taste the oil from experienced professional tasters. Each child will be given a bottle of the oil they have helped to produce.

Durationl hour 30 minutes + snack

Recipients: all

Best period of the year: this route can be taken during the olive harvest period, generally from October to January, but it can still be done in other periods by showing videos.