The Oil Mill. A leap in quality

The realisation of the Schinosa Oil Mill by the Di Martino Farms stems from an old family history. It is said that at the end of the 1800s a mill was already built at the  Schinosa Farm but it never came into operation.

The desire to control the entire production chain, from the care of the plants to the bottling of the oil, in order to guarantee a pure and contamination-free extra virgin olive oil, pushed the company to create a new oil mill immersed in the landscape of Perpetua Farm.

A leap in quality

Completed in 2015, the mill stands out for its structure, a building with a refined design that blends well with the surrounding landscape and amazes with its almost one hundred square metres glass dome. In addition to aesthetic beauty, the Schinosa Oil Mill also stands out for its technological equipment in step with the times, guaranteeing a high quality product.

From the tree to the table

The extra virgin olive oil produced in this oil mill is in fact free from contamination with oils or other olives from third-party producers. The control of all the phases of the production process makes it possible to monitor in an automated way the temperatures and the kneading times which are decisive for a good result of the product.

Excellent preservation

The conservation of extra virgin olive oil in silos, subsequently filled with nitrogen under pressure, avoids the oxidation of extra virgin olive oil and preserves its quality over time.