Route 7

The route consists of a real treasure hunt that will touch the most important points of the farm. Obviously the participants will be asked to carry out and solve tests and riddles that will focus on the topics included in the school programs carried out recently.

Objectives: this path focuses on the knowledge and discovery of the farm and its inhabitants through the game of treasure hunting. All the steps to get to the discovery of the treasure will serve as a starting point to bring the players closer to the knowledge of the plants, of the garden products, of the agricultural tools and to dust off by playing on topics of study treated at school. This path provides a broad-based approach to the campaign that will involve children / teenagers making them have a lot of fun.

Laboratories: many stages of the treasure hunt will be real laboratories, there will be the olfactory one with the aromatic plants, the orientation one with the compass and the geographic coordinates, etc.

Duration: l hour + snack

Recipients: elementary and middle school students

Best time of the year for the performance: this route can be completed at any time of the year but preferably in spring or late summer.